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listen: Ekahwerdna teaser. . .

<a href="">Me Dera (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Ekahwerdna back to sampling and what have you, a quick sample from a track currently in progress. From what I hear the hunt is on for some amazing samples, in fact a site may even be in the works. Find a sample, post a track, let others post tracks, listen, enjoy, should be a simple formula, hope it works out soon. Trying to stay rational.


listen: Ekahwerdna. . .


Do you like the music? Do you like the combination of a certain drum sound with whatever else happens to be lying around? Then you should check out Ekahwerdna. Someone who has been around and involved in many different types of music, finally finding the time to press the keys on the keyboard.

<a href="">depth of field by Ekahwerdna</a>

“A sonically inclined being can turn anything into music..”

If you like what you hear feel free to bother your friends about it.

UPDATE: The track “mariana a tua” has just recently been added to the EP, check it out.


listen/look: Towa Tei. . .

Pop music isn’t bad, it is just ruled by a bunch of twats. Throw a little electricity in there and all will be fine. Came across this video on Motionographer saw that Miho Hatori was involved, and I was sold. I really liked the video so I did a little research of my own and was incredibly pleased with what I found.

Goes to show what is possible with a fairly basic and really crazy idea, some fine tuned editing skills, and some nice looking animation. Something about this I just really like, I have been a big fan of Miho Hatori for a long time, something about this type of music combined with her voice is just magical.

He has been responsible for many great things in my lifetime, and I am just now learning about it, what a chump I am. If you have the internet chops, make sure to check out the Last Century Modern album. And let me know if you discover anything else. Not a lot out there from the normal music vendors, so I may try to do a little digging for more.
towa tei
Enjoy! Looks like there may be a new album in Feb. according to my research.

You may have to do a little searching to listen to more.

listen/watch: Blackthought and ?uestlove. . .

I saw a blip of this many many years ago on TV, still not complete, but still the best MC out there:


You already know who The Roots are, if you don’t, you might want to start listening to some better music. Luckily they have made it very easy for you with Home Grown!
the roots - homegrown!
I highly recommend checking out any of their albums in full. Do You Want More?!!!??!, Things Fall Apart, Phrenology, and The Tipping Point are my favorites, but The Roots are kind of special in that they have an endless list of incredible tracks.

[The Roots – WIKIpedia]

project: open-source music

Just like Buster Moody mentioned on his blog we are going to be doing a little song trading. (Starting fairly simple projects in Logic 8, with just basic structure and a little bit of melody, and giving it to another person to do whatever they want with.)

This should be a fantastic way to learn as it is fun to toy with other people’s work and it is also great motivation to keep producing.

Here is the original project I was given:
Gong Song - Buster Moody_take1
Some fine cutlery used to slice up the opening sample, seemed like it would be a great basis for a simple melody.

Gong Song – Take 1 (Buster Moody version)

Gong Song – Take 1 (Buster Moody version).mp3

Here is my version after a few hours of tinkering:
Gong Song - Take 1 (aANDORU version)
I was really interested in the sample he used so I just made some slight adjustments to it, mainly using one as the driver for the melody, and developed my own beat. Still have a lot more planned for this, but we are trying to maintain a quick turn around time.

Gong Song – Take 1 (andrewアンドル version):

Gong Song – Take 1 (andrewアンドル version).mp3

We are learning here, so feel to leave a comment/feedback on anything. And if you would like to join in, definitely let one of us know.

listen: free the robots. . .

This is a going to be a new series of what should be very frequent posts. Simple really, what new (update: or old) stuff I am listening too. Because I selfishly believe I have the greatest musical taste of anyone with a website called I will try to provide some useful information as well as links to appropriate places to give a listen, and get some information. That said:
now listening - free the robots
Where has this been all my life? I don’t know what the deal is this winter, but I am finding new great music every single day, often multiple times a day.

Best remix I have ever heard. . ?

Listen to this remix, then check out the rest on iTunes (link will open iTunes).

Then do whatever you can to see a live show. And let me know when your going. . .

It is incredible how all of the things I like start to connect to each other, music, animation, people with similar tastes seem . . . not gravitate towards one another, just float around relative to one another, watching and influencing, and creating where best needed.

[iTunes] – for listening or purchase purposes, BUY IT! $5 that you probably would have spent on a hamburger or something dumb like that. Remember, iTunes Plus.

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