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projects: cubeBot finds a home. . .

What started as a few window whiteboard scribbles. . .

cubeBot concept

. . . and has started to become more and more an identity for this site. I present to you cubeBot, and glimpse at where this little guy is headed.

cubeBot character sheet
cubeBot character sheet

cubeBot look 1
cubeBot look 2
cubeBot render tests.

And a simple look at his natural habitat:

cubeBot environment test (13MB .mov)

A big collection of cubes driven by some simple MEL expressions.

A lot more coming up in regards to this project. (Including but not limited to) Original score by Ekahwerdna, crowd and character animation, and some sexy sexy UI work.


iPad: light table! . .

After using early morning sunlight and a window as a light table to polish up those final frames, an iPad with a white image is a whole new world. Even better, with iOS 4.2.1 released today you have built in Brightness control with a simple double-tap of the Home Button and a swipe to the left.

Not being one to do things half-assed I present to you:


light table!

A glorious new web app for the iPad (maybe the iPhone if you’re in the flip-book mood) that displays an incredible white background image as far as the eyes can see. Just visit the above link (or type “”) and add this to your home screen:

light-table homescreen

Visit the site using the home screen icon and you will see this:

iphone lighttable

Find a nice chip clip, and you pretty much have yourself one of these:

real lighttable



labs: 2010 Storyboard Templates. . .

story board index

Probably the most valuable couple of megabytes on this site, my storyboard templates have continuously been one of the top sources of traffic. For me, storyboarding is simultaneously the most rewarding and frustrating part of the film making process. It is very rare that a scripted scene survives the storyboarding step unscathed. While you really don’t need anything special to produce a great sequence of storyboard panels (choices range from the lowly diner napkin to the highest end Wacom Cintiq), we live in a world where people offer up all shorts of wonderful options and tools free of charge, and you would be silly not to take a look at them. I never found anything I really liked to draw my panels on so I put together some of my own a little while back.

Recently I updated them just a bit and while I tend to do most of by story boarding on one of these beauties. . .

. . . I also put together some .psd versions for people that like to work digitally from start to finish. Working in Photoshop also gives you the ability to mask off panels and shuffle things around easily.

You can checkout some examples of these templates in use on my current Floating World project page.


QuickTime Version 1280×800 (26MB)

iPhone Version (8MB)

Download: andoru.LABS 2010 Storyboard Templates (1.54MB .zip)

[feel free to use and distribute these in accordance to the CC license presented at the bottom of this site]
-2010.8.06 – Updated for 2010 and simplified
-2010.8.06 – Added .PSD templates for digital storyboarding

Like I already mentioned, there are many ways to create a storyboard. Being arguably the most important part of the film-making process I recommend doing it with some class. . .

If there are any issues or concerns please contact: Also, these templates are free but feel free to donate if you find them useful.


look: animation très bien! . .

Gobelins does what Gobelins does best:

Brilliant work by Baptiste Rogron, Gaëlle Thierry, Rony Hotin, Maïlys Vallade, Jérémie Moreau, and David François.

As always make sure to browse the blogs to see some freaking amazing concept and making of stuff:

boat concept

lighthouse pencil

An amazing bit of animation, beautiful high contrast, grainy imagery, great music and sound, and great idea really all coming together. Bravisimo!


look: Après la pluie. . !

Après la pluie (And it Rained…)

(a film by Charles-André LEFEBVRE, Manuel TANON-TCHI, Louis TARDIVIER, Sébastien VOVAU, and Emmanuelle WALKER.)

2d, 3d, incredible animation, color, environment, characters, technique, brings a tear to my eye:

“Après la pluie” / Making of / Manuel Tanon-Tchi from manu tanon-tchi

check out Emmanuelle.Walker, Manuel Tanontchi, and anyone else they happen to link to. Let me know what you all think because I am highly inspired. You should see much more out of me very shortly.


happy christmas!

take it easy on those gifts will ya?


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