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listen: free the robots. . .

This is a going to be a new series of what should be very frequent posts. Simple really, what new (update: or old) stuff I am listening too. Because I selfishly believe I have the greatest musical taste of anyone with a website called I will try to provide some useful information as well as links to appropriate places to give a listen, and get some information. That said:
now listening - free the robots
Where has this been all my life? I don’t know what the deal is this winter, but I am finding new great music every single day, often multiple times a day.

Best remix I have ever heard. . ?

Listen to this remix, then check out the rest on iTunes (link will open iTunes).

Then do whatever you can to see a live show. And let me know when your going. . .

It is incredible how all of the things I like start to connect to each other, music, animation, people with similar tastes seem . . . not gravitate towards one another, just float around relative to one another, watching and influencing, and creating where best needed.

[iTunes] – for listening or purchase purposes, BUY IT! $5 that you probably would have spent on a hamburger or something dumb like that. Remember, iTunes Plus.

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