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Just like Buster Moody mentioned on his blog we are going to be doing a little song trading. (Starting fairly simple projects in Logic 8, with just basic structure and a little bit of melody, and giving it to another person to do whatever they want with.)

This should be a fantastic way to learn as it is fun to toy with other people’s work and it is also great motivation to keep producing.

Here is the original project I was given:
Gong Song - Buster Moody_take1
Some fine cutlery used to slice up the opening sample, seemed like it would be a great basis for a simple melody.

Gong Song – Take 1 (Buster Moody version)

Gong Song – Take 1 (Buster Moody version).mp3

Here is my version after a few hours of tinkering:
Gong Song - Take 1 (aANDORU version)
I was really interested in the sample he used so I just made some slight adjustments to it, mainly using one as the driver for the melody, and developed my own beat. Still have a lot more planned for this, but we are trying to maintain a quick turn around time.

Gong Song – Take 1 (andrewアンドル version):

Gong Song – Take 1 (andrewアンドル version).mp3

We are learning here, so feel to leave a comment/feedback on anything. And if you would like to join in, definitely let one of us know.

5 Responses

  1. Buster says:

    Dang, son! You beat the crap outta that beat. In a good way. Sounds awesome.

  2. Dlinc says:

    very nice sir…. can’t wait to hear more, might need to hire you for sum audio on my anim.

  3. andoru says:

    Just wait until you hear what else I have planned for this little number.

    Also, you guys can register for this site so you don’t always have to fill out the info to comment. As well as some other things.

  4. alex says:


    illness, daddy likes it raw like that cuzzo

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