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sandbox: Wiggly Trees. . .

look: Man with a mic. . .

Kansas City, MO | 09/2010

look: Ready Steady Bang. . .

ready steady bang – 30 ways from Ed Barrett on Vimeo.

This game is a blast because the animation is amazing. Simple as that.

[Ready Steady Bang]

projects: cubeBot finds a home. . .

What started as a few window whiteboard scribbles. . .

cubeBot concept

. . . and has started to become more and more an identity for this site. I present to you cubeBot, and glimpse at where this little guy is headed.

cubeBot character sheet
cubeBot character sheet

cubeBot look 1
cubeBot look 2
cubeBot render tests.

And a simple look at his natural habitat:

cubeBot environment test (13MB .mov)

A big collection of cubes driven by some simple MEL expressions.

A lot more coming up in regards to this project. (Including but not limited to) Original score by Ekahwerdna, crowd and character animation, and some sexy sexy UI work.


sandbox: RenderFarm with character. . .

macbook farm

Not only does this MacBook look happy to be rendering frames, it is happy to be alive at all. Having a steady not-for-profit job is just icing on the cake. Although battered and bruised, this little guy is perfectly functional and can help get the job done.

macbook farm 2

Just using OS X’s built-in Screen Sharing functionality, some AppleScript tools, and some clever render setup it is easy to get renders offloaded from the main workstation.


Look how happy these frames are!

So, not really a “farm”, but I can guarantee this MacBook puts forward more effort per frame than other nameless render farm nodes. . .

(Peter Moxom wisely points out its closer resemblance to a garden rather than a farm)


look: Dried Up (Academy Approved!). . .

Full steam ahead. Dried Up (a film some good friends of mine made) received the Silver Medal in Animation at the Student Academy awards on June 12th in Beverly Hills. Even better the award was presented by Henry Selick.

From Right. Henry Selick, Isaiah Powers, Jeremy Casper.

If you haven’t already make sure to check out the film:

Congratulations to all those involved. Very well deserved!

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