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sketchbook: oh fuck! oh shit!


sketchbook: Dr. Sketchy’s sketchies. . .

Talked to some cool people, ate some good food, listened to good music. . .
and scribbled around in my sketchbook:

Good times! Thanks to all those involved.

sketchbook: figure drawing 2009. . .

Big collection of nicely photographed and fairly recent drawings from figure drawing class, enjoy, comment, send to your jerk friends.

My favorite of the bunch:

sketchbook: figure drawing feb 17th

Top? Bottom? eh? eh?

sketchbook: figure drawing feb 5th. . .

New model, new drawings, I love huge chunks of vine charcoal.

I like the bottom two.

sketchbook: figure drawing. . .

Today’s Haul:

figure drawing 08
figure drawing 07

click images for full-size (cellphone pics)

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