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Just like my MayaMaya app, but for After Effects. It simply opens up another instance of After Effects so you can have multiple projects open at once.

Unfortunately you cannot copy and paste directly from instance to instance, but there are many other reasons this can prove to be very useful.

AEae_v1.1 now supports drag and drop! You can either launch the application normally and choose how many instances you would like to open, or you can drop project files on the app to automatically open them in different instances of After Effects. This version also includes preferences, if you would like to reset the preferences, delete the “com.andorulabs.AEae*” file located in your “/User/Library/Preferences” directory.

Download: AEae_v1.1.1 (170KB .zip)

[2012.02.21 – v1.1.1]:
-universal version
[2011.01.28 – v1.1]:
-fixed icon issue

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