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look: andrew.hake tech.reel 2010. . .


QuickTime Version 960×600 (95MB)

iPhone Version

An overview of some of the rigging/technical work I have done. Including:

-Maya Camera rigs
-character rigging
-layout/scene rigging
-camera projection

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments! A lot of this work will be appearing in fully rendered form in upcoming and current projects or on my next reel and some of these assets may soon be available on this site.

look: Into the Cubes! . .

Some stills from a test I started on accident that could very well turn in to something interesting:

Rendered out at a very low sample rate (to avoid hilarious overnight renders) in RenderMan slapped together in Nuke:

Really just doing some tests for some IDs for a fake company, also have some new workflow tools coming up the pipe. . .

EDIT: Just had a Ahh Yes! moment with this one, you will definitely see something in the future involving this idea that should be quite interesting indeed!

look: Using iPhone camera data in AE. . .


Just trying out a technique using the iPhone to capture some handheld camera data and use it in a comp. Even with only 640×480 pixels and an envelope with hand drawn tracker markers it still works very well.

Section of the iPhone camera track:

Watch it on an iPhone

This is a fantastic way to take the “perfect” out of the CG camera without messing with the CG methods of doing it. Randomization does not equal human, the way a human moves while holding a camera, large or small, is very far from random. Should be fairly simple to move data like this from application to application once a good track is put together.

Essentially the poorest, least efficient, laziest man’s version of James Cameron’s SimulCam without any of the benefits, except the human feel.

(Vimeo. . . I just can’t deal with Flash in my life anymore, I will still upload to you for continuity’s sake, but I want iPhone viewable embeds!)

And animators need some frame by frame action damn it!

floating world: project page updates. . .

Here are some items I recently added to the Projects section of my site for my Floating World project.

A few storyboard panels:

And a quick scene layout demo:

More to come very very soon!

[Floating World]

look: andrewhake.reel. . .

QuickTime Version (26MB)

iPhone Version

Added my Spec board/reel of my work from 2009 to my Projects page.

Many of these projects were group efforts, if you would like to know more about my specific involvement on any project feel free to ask. My contact info is available at the end of the reel and on the right column of this site.

Thanks for watching!

look: Image Engine doing amazing things with Nuke. . .

Incredibly interesting tools developed by Image Engine in Nuke for work on District 9 as shown by Shervin Shoghian, compositing supervisor at Image Engine.

image engine using nuke
Click image to watch High-Bandwidth version.
Low-Bandwidth Version (iPhone)

The amount of tools they developed, with the amount of people they had working (around 90), in the amount of time they had to do it, is extremely impressive. And another reason why anyone interested in vfx/animation/film should definitely take a very hard look at Nuke.

[Image Engine]

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