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labs: reprojector re-up. . .


One of my favorite tools out of all that I have built, projector, has been updated to version 2.4! The worst part about v2.3 was how much time reprojector took to do it’s thing and the inspector windows popping up getting in the way. The best solution I could find at the time (about 1 year ago) was using GUI scripting which was a ridiculous hack that basically just presses the correct buttons quickly. 2.4 uses and includes the command line utility “seticon” written by Sveinbjorn Thordarson which changes icons very seamlessly. This update also allows changing multiple folder icons with projector and reprojector simultaneously. So if you have multiple folders you would like to add project folders to, drag them onto projector. If you have folders that all need the same icon, drag them all onto reprojector.

projector_v2.4 download page. . .

v2.4 – reprojector reworked to change icons instantly, change multiple folder icons at the same time, error checking
v2.3 – added auto-checking for Application Support folder, allows user to add their own folders/icons, design icon
v2.2 – added Premiere Pro and Shake icons
v2.0 – released! (new workflow including reprojector)
v1.0 – released!

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look: Man with a mic. . .

Kansas City, MO | 09/2010

look: Ready Steady Bang. . .

ready steady bang – 30 ways from Ed Barrett on Vimeo.

This game is a blast because the animation is amazing. Simple as that.

[Ready Steady Bang]

labs: MayaMaya_v1.1.1. . .

MayaMaya has been updated to v1.1.1 and now is a universal tool that simply asks you to choose your Maya location on startup. You may need to reset the preferences if you have been using an older version of MayaMaya.

Download: MayaMaya


labs: empty! . .

I ran into a situation where I wanted to remove a lot of empty folders from a directory and did some digging and came up with a new stupid tool to make that easy. empty! just asks for a folder (you can run the app and choose one, or drag and drop one) and it will look for empty folders inside that directory and delete them. As folders that contain empty folders become empty, it will also delete them, but it won’t delete anything that contains proper files or folders with files in them.

You want to be careful with this if you are deleting stuff from a server as there is no confirmation to delete and no trash to restore from, so it would be wise to copy the directory to your computer first, run empty and move it back. It is a bit nerve racking to listen to it delete hundreds of folders but I have tested this on pretty heavy directories with multiple files and it works great, but… this tool is made available as is, I cannot guarantee it won’t run into a situation where important files may be deleted, make sure to back stuff up before using it on a heavy directory.

One cool thing I worked into this is the ability to select your folder in Finder, then simply run the app from Spotlight or Finder, and it will default to the last path you selected in Finder which is a great time saver. I will start integrating this into all my other tools where it makes sense as it is incredibly simple.

Download: Download page. . .

[2010.05.12: v1.0] – released!

Enjoy! If there are any issues, concerns, or requests please contact: This app is free, no donations allowed on this one. . .


labs: Maya x_x_v1.1. . .

maya x_x dock

Maya x_x updated to v1.1. Support for Maya 2012. 2012 is good, it’s splash screen is real big…

Maya x_x download page. . .

[2011.04.09: v1.1] – updated for Maya 2012
[2010.11.21: v1.0] – released!


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