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AErender is a stand alone command line render droplet for After Effects. While RenderQ is designed to queue up multiple renders one after the other, this will start a new separate render for every file dropped onto it. In most scenarios it isn’t ideal to render multiple projects at the same time, but in many cases it is very useful to have a simple drag and drop, no fuss tool like this to start a render for one project while working on another. Simply get your project ready to render, with everything ready to go in the Render Queue within After Effects, save the project, close the project, and drag the project file onto AErender. This will trigger a command line render for the dropped project leaving AE free to work on something new. If you ever need to reset you just need to delete the preference file (~/Library/Preferences/com.andorulabs.AErender). Your Library folder may be hidden by default.

aerender download
Download: AErender_v1.1 (1MB .zip)

release notes
-universal version
-initial release

Enjoy! If there are any issues, concerns, or requests please contact: It is quite possible there could be a few little bugs or improvements that could be made so don’t be afraid to contact me. Also, this app is free but feel free to donate, as many hours of work were put into it.


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