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listen/look: monome. . .

I love everything about monome. Hand-crafted in the mountains, grid pattern with orange and gray squares, the technical interest required to really use one to its full potential, and most of all, it is a wide open device with many possibilities.

Take a look at what is possible with one:

And check out some more info. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, originally starting with a 40 node grid, and as long as people keep tinkering with them, they will get more and more interesting over time. Brilliant.

And if you are feeling generous my birthday is in November. . .


listen: Ekahwerdna again and again. . .

ekahwerdna teaser 3

<a href="">In the Rain (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Name the sample and I will give you a handshake. . . or a milk shake, the choice is yours.


listen: Ekahwerdna teases again. . .

Just a few elements of another upcoming track, should be a banger.

ekahwerdna teaser 2

<a href="">Steinvey by Ekahwerdna</a>

It is good to be able to hear these tracks while under construction I think, can’t wait to see what they turn into.


listen: Ekahwerdna teaser. . .

<a href="">Me Dera (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Ekahwerdna back to sampling and what have you, a quick sample from a track currently in progress. From what I hear the hunt is on for some amazing samples, in fact a site may even be in the works. Find a sample, post a track, let others post tracks, listen, enjoy, should be a simple formula, hope it works out soon. Trying to stay rational.


listen: Ekahwerdna. . .


Do you like the music? Do you like the combination of a certain drum sound with whatever else happens to be lying around? Then you should check out Ekahwerdna. Someone who has been around and involved in many different types of music, finally finding the time to press the keys on the keyboard.

<a href="">depth of field by Ekahwerdna</a>

“A sonically inclined being can turn anything into music..”

If you like what you hear feel free to bother your friends about it.

UPDATE: The track “mariana a tua” has just recently been added to the EP, check it out.


listen/look: Towa Tei. . .

Pop music isn’t bad, it is just ruled by a bunch of twats. Throw a little electricity in there and all will be fine. Came across this video on Motionographer saw that Miho Hatori was involved, and I was sold. I really liked the video so I did a little research of my own and was incredibly pleased with what I found.

Goes to show what is possible with a fairly basic and really crazy idea, some fine tuned editing skills, and some nice looking animation. Something about this I just really like, I have been a big fan of Miho Hatori for a long time, something about this type of music combined with her voice is just magical.

He has been responsible for many great things in my lifetime, and I am just now learning about it, what a chump I am. If you have the internet chops, make sure to check out the Last Century Modern album. And let me know if you discover anything else. Not a lot out there from the normal music vendors, so I may try to do a little digging for more.
towa tei
Enjoy! Looks like there may be a new album in Feb. according to my research.

You may have to do a little searching to listen to more.

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