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NukeView updated to v1.2.1. Support for Nuke6.2v2 naming conventions

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[2011.03.04 – v1.2.1]
-added support for Nuke 6.2v2 (adds ****-**** frame numbers to end of command)
[2010.10.6 – v1.2]
-added support for more naming conventions and made naming system more robust
[2010.10.6 – v1.1]
-updated for 64bit versions of Nuke (6.1v2…) that use new directory naming scheme
[2010.5.28 – v1.0]
-redeveloped to allow opening and drag and drop of any file in sequence, NukeView will find how many characters are in the fileCount and open it accordingly.
[2010.5.17 – v1.0]
-developed basic functionality


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