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look: animation très bien! . .

Gobelins does what Gobelins does best:

Brilliant work by Baptiste Rogron, Gaëlle Thierry, Rony Hotin, Maïlys Vallade, Jérémie Moreau, and David François.

As always make sure to browse the blogs to see some freaking amazing concept and making of stuff:

boat concept

lighthouse pencil

An amazing bit of animation, beautiful high contrast, grainy imagery, great music and sound, and great idea really all coming together. Bravisimo!


listen/look: monome. . .

I love everything about monome. Hand-crafted in the mountains, grid pattern with orange and gray squares, the technical interest required to really use one to its full potential, and most of all, it is a wide open device with many possibilities.

Take a look at what is possible with one:

And check out some more info. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, originally starting with a 40 node grid, and as long as people keep tinkering with them, they will get more and more interesting over time. Brilliant.

And if you are feeling generous my birthday is in November. . .


look/learn/animate: Psyop How-To Animate. . .

It is amazing to see so many of the major commercial production houses have started to really embrace Vimeo as a place to showcase work and their processes.

PSYOP is a fantastic example, not only have they been posting up most of their recent work, they have also been posting up breakdowns of how it was conceived from start to finish. As much as I enjoy the finished work I must say I enjoy these breakdowns and making of’s even more.

EDIT: Original video was removed by PSYOP, here is the complete ad:

Great stuff! Check out the rest on their Vimeo page.

[PSYOP – Vimeo]

look: animmmmation! . .

I watch a lot of random animation, films, shorts, commercials, tests, whatever. I figured I may as well start sharing some of my favorites on a more consistent basis because it keeps me hunting for more.

Start with a nice little short by Eran Hilleli called “knowledge of the cone”

I am really partial to the character design and style of the motion. Angular characters and quick direct emphasized motions definitely do it for me, and I always enjoy a good slap in the face. Check out the website, as there is a good collection of other work.

[eran hilleli]

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