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Happy Music for your Happy New Year! some fantastic music by a guy from the UK, some of the nicest stuff I have heard in years: you can check out some free tracks on the label’s site:
(at the bottom of the page) some nice long tracks for free

and you can check out previews of the other tracks on iTunes (link will open up iTunes).

all of it is great, but Song for Dogs, Thundering Garden, Physician, are definitely 100% golden.

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  1. Sakari says:

    That French animation was gorgeous! It made me smile. Nice spiffy new site too! And you should totally add me to your friends list.

    PS Katty Perry is the chick you did the “I Kissed a Girl” song. Don’t judge she actually pretty good. Me and Martin are going to see her newt month.

  2. andoru says:

    sank you berry much. of course I will add you, I thought I already had you on here actually.

    this site is just built using WordPress, kind of like blogger just a lot more functionality, you can pretty much do whatever you want, and I am hosting it through,, like $10/year, so it is really cheap, but it is a really good service, normally $120 a year or so.

    I don’t hate against any music, I like it all, except for the ole honky tonk garbage, the world would be a better place without it.

    thanks for commenting! tell your friends! I am going to try and get some very useful content up as soon as I can, especially after my film is done, like a really thorough making of for each section. Should be good.

  3. Sakari says:

    Dang, I apologize for all the spelling errors in that last post… I need to proof read before I submit.

    I added this page as the link for you on my blog. I should look into getting a semi-real website.

    Hey, I’m looking for an internship for the summer. Do you know of any resources to find one? I’m kind of at a loss.

  4. andoru says:

    It is pretty straightforward to set up your own site, especially with WordPress, and it isn’t super expensive either.

    As far as internships go, I really think the best bet is to just contact the places you are interested in. MK12, Take2, DXD, would all be very interesting I am sure. The people at MK12 are amazing, they are involved in a lot of other things.

    Let me know if you want some help setting up a site, it is actually a pretty fun process. But definitely keep posting on your Blogger site, you can actually import your entire Blogger blog into a new WordPress one.

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