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learn/look: wikiMation. . .

i love wikipedia more than you do:

Wikipedia – List of Animated Feature Films

also check the bottom of the list for more categories, and hey if you know one that isn’t on the list, or is in red, add to it, that is how wikipedia works, or how it should work.

watch/projects: sandopus Project. . .

The Sandopus Project from Andrew Hake.

warm up project for Senior Year at KCAI. my first return to backlit sand animation since Sophomore year. There are many things I would like to tidy up, as well as a few more layers I would like to add, but it was a fantastic project. Spent right around 24 hours for this one once I started animating.

This version is at 24 frames per second so there are a few oddities, some jittering and things, but I kind of like it, it maybe works a little better at 12fps though as most stop motion does, so I may upload that one as well.

This was also my first test with Dragon Stop Motion, a fantastic bit of software developed by Jamie and Dyami Caliri. Jamie is probably most well-known for his United Airlines paper cut-out stop motion commercials. This is without a doubt the best stop motion software out there, I highly recommend everyone check it out. I am planning on testing it as a pencil test system very soon as well.

The music is “Snow Tip Cap Mountain” by The Octopus Project, from their album, Hello Avalanche:


You may see more of this one in the future…

happy christmas!

take it easy on those gifts will ya?


andrewAND..OR…U? no longer exists in this world… it will be missed.

but with death comes life! is born!

it took be awhile to find something that wasn’t already out there, but this is simple enough. now lets see if anyone can even find it now. the new site is hosted through, for about $10 a year for the hosting and domain, end of the year special, definitely a great deal and good service, recommended. Basically if you can’t afford the $20/month or so from, DreamHost is the way to go I think. anyone? let me know if you guys want to buy a doman, it is about $10/year, as I most likely have more than enough hosting space to go around. it would great to get the fauxmo setup with a wordpress blog, rather than such a huge amount of blogspots. as you can easily setup multiple static “Pages” so you don’t have to deal with so many blogs.

learn: Do You Know What Time It Is?

Brian Cox – BBC Horizon- Do You Know What Time It Is?

find it, watch it…

Horizon is one of my favorite series I have ever seen, not only is the content interesting, the people involved and the quality of the actual films themselves are phenomenal, good cinematography, editing, music, people.

good stuff.


projects: music with new resources

just playing around with some new software instruments after installing more of the Logic Studio content. So much more to play with now. I usually just find a software instrument I like, play around with it until I find a basic loop to built on top of, and go from there.

here is a quick beat with a Japanese Koto, a few loops, and a little more Ultrabeat.


i may actually create an entire track with this one.

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