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listen: Ekahwerdna (Yes, No, Maybe So). . .

A new assembly of boom baps and beep boops from Ekahwernda.


listen: C’est Magnifique! . .

<a href="">C&#8217;est Magnifique! (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

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Here’s something with a little swing to it. Kicks, and snares, and hi-hats, and the like.


listen: Kyoto Funky Walker. . .

kyoto funky walker

<a href="">Kyoto Funky Walker by Ekahwerdna</a>

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The first track from Extended Service, the next bit of music from Ekahwerdna. Available for Download!


listen/look: monome. . .

I love everything about monome. Hand-crafted in the mountains, grid pattern with orange and gray squares, the technical interest required to really use one to its full potential, and most of all, it is a wide open device with many possibilities.

Take a look at what is possible with one:

And check out some more info. They come in all shapes and sizes nowadays, originally starting with a 40 node grid, and as long as people keep tinkering with them, they will get more and more interesting over time. Brilliant.

And if you are feeling generous my birthday is in November. . .


listen: Ekahwerdna again and again. . .

ekahwerdna teaser 3

<a href="">In the Rain (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Name the sample and I will give you a handshake. . . or a milk shake, the choice is yours.


listen: Ekahwerdna teases again. . .

Just a few elements of another upcoming track, should be a banger.

ekahwerdna teaser 2

<a href="">Steinvey by Ekahwerdna</a>

It is good to be able to hear these tracks while under construction I think, can’t wait to see what they turn into.


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