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listen: Ekahwerdna (Yes, No, Maybe So). . .

A new assembly of boom baps and beep boops from Ekahwernda.


listen: Ekahwerdna, keyboards, Istanbul. . .

A new track from Ekahwerdna:

<a href="">Space Keyboards in Istanbul (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Space Keyboards in Istanbul (2.8MB)

And some refinements to some you may or may not have already heard:

<a href="">Me Dera (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Me Dera (2.4MB)

<a href="">I don&#8217;t know oh where can you be? (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

I don’t know oh where can you be? (3.4MB)

Turn up the speakers and the rain and have a listen.


listen: FOOTclan BEATS vol.1. . .

<a href="">Beehive by footclan beats</a>

Free and sexy to the ears. Who knew this is what the foot were doing in their spare time.

Shout-out to jSchlock for “flysway”. Gosh damn. . .

The FOOTclan is:
Dan Matic

Also check out: (on recommendation from Mr. Paul Fuller)


listen: C’est Magnifique! . .

<a href="">C&#8217;est Magnifique! (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Listen on iPhone

Here’s something with a little swing to it. Kicks, and snares, and hi-hats, and the like.


listen: Kyoto Funky Walker. . .

kyoto funky walker

<a href="">Kyoto Funky Walker by Ekahwerdna</a>

Listen on iPhone

The first track from Extended Service, the next bit of music from Ekahwerdna. Available for Download!


listen: ekahwerdna. . .na. . .na. . .

I am a big fan of the Glock.

<a href="">In the Leaves (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>


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