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It’s great to be able to change your volume and brightness and whatever on the fly with your fn keys. It’s not so great when working in programs like Maya and After Effects, Nuke, or Shake where you really need those keys to act as normal fn keys, to change menu sets, and other things.

That is what “fn” is for. It simply Toggles “Use all F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys” in Keyboard preferences.

This is how it works:

fn1.1 in action

I like to keep it in my dock or finder toolbar so whenever I need to switch that preference I can do it quickly.

Download: fn download page. . .

Enjoy! If there are any issues, concerns, or requests please contact: It is quite possible there could be a few little bugs or improvements that could be made so don’t be afraid to contact me. This app is free, no donations allowed on this one. . .


projects: 3 weeks + 3 People=

cut from the same cloth – a filmy by a.buritsch, j.casper, and myself.

fun times. would have loved to really complete this but like always life intervened. did we actually do this, I can’t seem to remember much of it? something about rain and a coin and wires hanging from buildings and a gun flying through the air? I think we did.

I may try to post up my main contributions to this little whatsit some time, I did a variety of things as we all did.

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