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listen: Ekahwerdna, keyboards, Istanbul. . .

A new track from Ekahwerdna:

<a href="">Space Keyboards in Istanbul (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Space Keyboards in Istanbul (2.8MB)

And some refinements to some you may or may not have already heard:

<a href="">Me Dera (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

Me Dera (2.4MB)

<a href="">I don&#8217;t know oh where can you be? (teaser) by Ekahwerdna</a>

I don’t know oh where can you be? (3.4MB)

Turn up the speakers and the rain and have a listen.


look: Dried Up (Academy Approved!). . .

Full steam ahead. Dried Up (a film some good friends of mine made) received the Silver Medal in Animation at the Student Academy awards on June 12th in Beverly Hills. Even better the award was presented by Henry Selick.

From Right. Henry Selick, Isaiah Powers, Jeremy Casper.

If you haven’t already make sure to check out the film:

Congratulations to all those involved. Very well deserved!

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