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Sarah de Gaudemar shows off her work on Coraline at KCAI.

Sarah de Gaudemar (aka Sarah Meyer) pays a visit to the KCAI animation department to discuss the work she had done on the latest stop-motion epic from Laika, Inc. A little film called Coraline.

Sarah talked about working under the scrutiny of the one and only Henry Selick and her specific roles on the project. Her main responsibility was the cat character, along with other characters that would appear in these scenes, as well as multiple other bits and pieces, such as Coraline hand close-ups, tests and development for things like bed covers, Coraline’s toys, etc.

Everyone is always excited to have Sarah visit because she is just a die hard animator, she knows what people that share her interest want to see so every time she visits everyone’s motivation level shoots up a notch. Thanks again for taking the time to stop by Sarah!

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