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look: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. . .I swear it is good. . .

I was never really bothered by his laughing during skits, smiling at the camera and all that on SNL to be honest, and as far as what I am interested in, this is the best late night show to be ever on TV. This episode is a bit of a golden nugget, Will Ferrell, Mos Def, the list goes on. (Mos Def’s new album “The Ecstatic” is excellent by the way).

Oh, and The Roots are the freaking house band, you know all of that normal house band music you always hear on every show? Not here folks.

Watch it and let me know what you think (unless you want to whine about Jimmy Fallon not being able to hold himself together during a joke, of course he can’t) I will have something even more interesting to watch not too long from now so check back soon. Or just use Google Reader like a person who doesn’t always want to have to come to every site to check for updates.

If not yet convinced:

[Late Night with Jimmy Fallon]

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  1. Sakari Singh says:

    I’ve also been pleasantly surprised by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. I totally missed that live Lonely Island performance, so thanks for posting it.

    How have you been? You still working on that film? I still wanted to ask you how the hell to set up a wordpress website. Sorry I didn’t get a hold of you before school ended, things got a little crazy with moving Julia in.

    How do you feel about Inglourious Basterds? At first I was not interested, but I’m slowly edging towards “crazy anxious to see it”.

    • andoru says:

      That was incredible huh? Black Thought from the Roots makes T-Pain look like a fool. Did you also see their behind the scenes interview with Jimmy and the NBC xylophone thing? Funny stuff.

  2. blauereiter says:

    Pity ! The videos are not available for those outside of the States !

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