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Do you like having your Finder and Application windows organized in a specific way? Or maybe you spend a lot of time re-positioning your windows to specific locations when they are moved around.

Well this app I developed called “layout” can turn all of that time spent re-organizing your windows into a simple one-click process.

Here is a video explaining exactly how it works and how to set it up to fit your own setup:

Download full 1440×900 video
[98.23.mb Quicktime .mov]

Included in the package is an Instructions file for reference on getting your own configuration working.


[UPDATE]: layout 1.0 now available, fixes and changes include:
-Will now check to see which Finder windows and Apps are open and run accordingly. Won't open every listed app to re-position it, will only position the currently open Applications.
-Finder is now setup to make your default layout if no windows are detected.

layout 1.0
(63kb .zip file)

layout is a set of 2 apps, one “Get Sizes” to find the position of your application windows, and “layout” to reset them to this default position. The setup is pretty simple, just open all of the apps you would like specifically positioned, maybe Firefox, iTunes, and others. Then, run Get Sizes SETUP to configure the Get Sizes app to fit your specific setup. Run layout SETUP to configure your particular version of layout, then simply drag your version of the “layout” app, to your finder toolbar, or where you would like it.

Feel free to leave a comment (donation) on this post if you have any issues or questions. And let me know what you think. Enjoy, or ignore and move on. I promise it is worth it.

[App originally based off idea and scripts developd by “francodecoyo” of MacThemes, and reworked and completely re-scripted by me]

15 Responses

  1. Thomwolfe says:

    Absolutely fantastic and certainly a lot more user friendly than running scripts. Thank you for all of your hard work.

  2. andoru says:

    No problem, thanks for the thanks. Let me know if you have any issues with it, or any ideas to make it better.

    I have a few more idea I may try to make it a little bit better and easier to setup.

  3. blankets says:

    Good work, but it’s hit and miss, for instance get sizes doesn’t pull bounds for CSSEdit (but it does for Coda).

  4. andoru says:

    Yeah that was expected. Although, you may double-check that you are getting the App name completely correct, or even check the process name.

  5. blankets says:

    First thing I did was hit up the console to see if it was the correct process name, also mis-spelling the app name then compiling and using the dialogue box to point to the app. No luck either method.

    Not sure what the reason is…

  6. andoru says:

    There are a few apps that are just not Applescriptable, it is up to the developer unfortunately.

  7. […] eine Finder-Toolbar-App vorgestellt, die nützlicher ist, wie man im ersten Moment vermuten mag. layout ist ein Script, das Ordnung auf den Desktop bringt, und zwar benutzerdefiniert. Wer seine Programme […]

  8. andoru says:

    Big in Japan, and on MacUpdate.

  9. Justin Mayer says:

    Hey Andrew. Thanks for putting this together. It looks great, but I’m having a problem with the Get Sizes step. The bounding numbers being put into the TextEdit windows don’t have any delimiters, so the numbers are just mashed together:

    Safari: 4372214771200
    Mail: 241120015962078
    iTunes: 241122215902078
    Yojimbo: 1029221829692
    iChat: 1219120016811549
    NetNewsWire: 1016221828900

    For Path Finder, I’m even getting a hyphen in the output:

    Path Finder: 183-38583362

    Finally, I would love to follow along with the full QT video, but the “Download full 1440×900 video” link above appears to be broken. Any chance you could fix it?

    Looking forward to your thoughts on the bounding numbers. Thanks!

  10. andoru says:

    Hmm, that is very odd Justin. Feel free to email me your scripts and I can maybe figure out what is going on. Really the Get Sizes script is just looking to pull the bounding info of your windows, and should work just fine with all of those Apps.

    I don’t use Pathfinder, I don’t think it would cause issues, but maybe give it a shot with Pathfinder not running.

  11. alex says:

    Excellent. At least for me, this does exactly what I want and was really easy to get going. Thanks Andrew!

    • andoru says:

      Glad to here some people are finding it useful. I am currently working with a version that also does email notification when the render is finished and am actually working with a friend to develop a much more powerful, but still easy to use, render queuing app. Targeted at people who need to have an easy way to queue up jobs on individual systems.

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  13. Michael says:

    Hi Andrew,
    This looked promising to me but runs into a problem with Safari. No matter what I do to the Safari window it gets reset to about the size of the download window & I suspect the script then fails to complete as it does not place all my specified windows.
    Any ideas?

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